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Project Sucessfully Delivered for Customer in Latin America

Stainless Steel Pipe for Drinking Water Supply Project Sucessfully Delivered for Customer in Latin America

     We received an inquiry this January from a new client who got our contact details by recommendation. They are a well-known contract company in the field of waste-water treatment and water plant construction, with many projects in Latin-American nations.

The previous design was based on seamless pipeline DN150 & DN200 and material as per ASTM A270 grade TP304, the design prssure was 1.50 Mpa. With elabrate communication on the drawings and the previous design datas, the client finally was pleased to accept our proposal for welded TP316L pipeline after the approval from the end customer, in which they agree that they will have a better-lasting pipeline with almost the same budget as TP304 pipeline.

Based on good communication and trust, later the client also order some butterfly valves and globe valves from EZS although they know that EZS does not make valves. Now the client is a convinced customer for EZS after the pipelines  well installed and run successfully with pressure test.


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