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Classification of cast iron pipes

According to the manufacturing method can be divided into: sand centrifugal socket straight, continuous cast iron pipe straight pipe and the sand.

According to the different materials can be divided into: gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and high silicon iron pipe.

1. Cast iron water pipe:

The use of cast iron cast iron water pipe of No. 18 above by adding nodulizer, after centrifugal ductile cast iron pipe by centrifugal casting machine, the performance of ductile iron pipe with nature, iron and steel, excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility, good sealing effect, simple installation, mainly for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises water, gas, oil etc.. Water supply pipe is the first choice, with a very high price.

2. Sand centrifugal cast iron pipe:

Made of cast iron straight centrifugal sand for cast iron, suitable for conveying water and gas fluid pressure.

3. Continuous cast iron pipe:

Continuous casting of gray cast iron pipe, which is suitable for the transportation of water and gas and other pressure fluid.

4. Cast iron pipe:

General drainage cast iron pipe and pipe fittings. Flexible seismic interface cast iron drainage pipe, the cast iron pipe with rubber ring seal, the bolt in the water has flexibility and good scalability under pressure. Can adapt to the larger axial displacement and lateral deformation by the deflection, suitable for high-rise building interior drainage pipe, particularly suitable for the earthquake zone. From the interface form can be divided into: W type flexible cast iron drainage pipe, B type of flexible cast iron drainage pipe, A type flexible cast iron drainage pipe.

The nominal diameter of the continuous gray cast iron pipe is 75~1200 mm. Straight length of 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters; according to the wall thickness of different points LA, A and B three. Sand centrifugal cast iron pipe nominal diameter of 200~1000 mm, the effective length is 5 meters and 6 meters; according to the different thickness of P, G two. The strength is big, the toughness is good, the tube wall is thin, the metal quantity is little, can bear high pressure.


Nominal diameter ductile iron pipe is 80~2200 mm, compared with grey cast iron, high strength, good toughness, thin wall metal, less dosage, and can withstand high pressure, effective length of 5 meters, 6 meters and 8 meters; according to the different thickness of P, G two. Is the development direction of cast iron pipe. High quality cast iron ductile iron pipe with low phosphorus and low sulfur iron making production of blast furnace, according to the current international advanced centrifugal casting, annealing process, water-cooled metal type centrifugal pipe casting machine casting, after annealing, socket dressing, pressure test, internal lining layer of cement, cement treated lining, water and health cement lining, outer wall coated with asphalt paint, asphalt paint baking, socket antirust processing, spray marks and other procedures for the packaging, with high strength, high elongation, corrosion resistance of a body strong as iron.

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